Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association
  APMAA 2018 Conference in Tokyo (official site)

October 29th (Monday) – November 1st (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (

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    Updated on July 25, 2018


The status of your submitted paper: review results 

Four Types of Decision Results: Accepted, Conditionally Accepted, Awaiting Decision, and Reject

Accepted (or Accept):
The paper that satisfies our review standards receives an gAccepth notification. Congratulations! Please enhance the quality of the article and maximize clarity. Your proceedings paper should be submitted before September 15. Please remember that the Conference Registration and Fee Payment Deadline is September 15, 2018.

Conditionally Accepted (or Conditional Accept):
An author, who received a gConditionally Acceptedh notification, is required to revise the paper and resubmit a revised version by August 25th so that the organizer can finish the review and notifies you the gAccepth Decision by September 1.
The paper is accepted if the revisions have been made properly.

Evaluation is postponed (Awaiting Decision)
Authors, who received an gEvaluation is postponed (Awaiting Decision)h notification, are requested to re-submit their revised paper before August 25th so that the organizer can finish its review and notify you gAccepth Decision by September 1. The re-submission due date is August 15 for the paper that receives its first review results before July 20 (This gives you more than a three-week period for revising.).

The 2018 parallel sessions received far more submissions than we could possibly accept. We recommend you to submit your revised paper very soon.


Important Dates for Authors:
Full-paper Submission Deadline:
July 10, 2018
Paper Acceptance Notification: by September 1, 2018
Conference Registration and Fee Payment Deadline: September 15, 2018
Proceedings Paper Submission Deadline: September 15, 2018

 Some people request Deadline Extensions when the submission due date (June 10) is approaching. The conference organizer sometimes accepts an extension request from an individual. The extension period should be less than three weeks (July 28). Otherwise, the organizer may fall into trouble in developing the parallel session program in time. The program developing process includes a variety of time consuming tasks such as first reviewing, asking rewriting, reviewing revised papers and notifying gAccepth Decision (by September 1), requesting proceeding papers and registrations (before September 15), finishing the assignment of discussants and session chairs (by October 10), assigning presentation rooms, developing a final conference program and its printing, etc. Note that assigning proper discussants and session chairs is a very complicated task in addition to time-consuming. Passing through the all process takes approximately four months.

Re-submissions due-date and acceptance notifications.

APMAA parallel sessions receive more than 100 paper submissions every year. Members of a review team engage in review on first-come first-served basis. The team chair notifies authors review results soon after the completion of each review. This allows authors enough time for polishing their papers. Authors, who received a gConditionally Acceptedh or gAwaiting Decisionh notification, are requested to re-submit their revised paper before August 25th to get an gAccepth notification by September 1.