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  APMAA 2018 Conference in Tokyo (official site)

October 29th (Monday) – November 1st (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (

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updated on October 1, 2018



Participation Fee: Type of Payment and Fees

Participation Fees for APMAA 2018


Early Payment×

General Payment (Payment between  Oct. 16-Oct.20),  and On-site

Regular Fee*


JPY 35,000

Student Fee** 


Family Member Fee***


Note that your registration does not complete until finishing the conference-fee payment, and that participation fees are not refunded.
Don't forget to bring the documents that verify your payment that is after October 16.


* This participation fee includes a printed program with a Welcome Bag (Conference kit), Welcome Reception (Day1), Lunch (Day 2 and Day 3) , Conference Dinner (Day 2) and Farewell Party(Day3= November 1).
** Student Fee does not include "Conference Dinner (Day2)." Please
pay the regular fee if you want to sit at the dinner table.
Note that the participation fee (JPY20,000) is waived for the Doctoral Colloquium presenters from overseas.
*** Family Member Fee  (for spouse and parents) includes the Welcome Reception (Day 1= October 29), Conference Dinner (Day 2), Farewell Party (Day3). The fee does not include theWelcome Bag and Lunch.
Early Registration (October 15 is the final day for the early registration)
 For an early bird payment, use either a credit card or a bank transfer. We accept only Cash (JPY) for the on-site payments.




What you should do for the APMAA 2018 registration!

1. Fill the registration form (登録フォームの記入).
2. Pay the participation fee
(参加料の支払い) .


Steps for filling the APMAA 2018 registration form(登録フォームの記入) 

To access the form, please click the following URL:

Question 13 in the registration form asks overseas participants Which tour (company visit) will you join?.” 

a. Bus tour to the Tokyo Works of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. and  Sightseeing in Tokyo (Nov. 1)              Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo (9.00) Hitachi Kokusai Electric(10.00-13.30)→ Sightseeing Spots in   Tokyo(14.30-16.30) →→JR Tokyo Station→ Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo (17.30)   

         The course (a) is closed due to full of reservations.

b. Bus tour to the Akebono Brake Iwatsuki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Nov. 1)
     After visiting Akebono factory, we will go to sightseeing!
   Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo (9.00) Akebono Brake (10.00-13.00)Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo(14.00-16.00) →JR Tokyo StationRihga Royal Hotel Tokyo (17.00)

           Remaining seats of the course (b) are seven (Sep.26).  


If you have any problems regarding how to fill in this form, please contact Masaaki Aoki at


How to pay your participation fee (参加料の支払い)

If you have submitted your “APMAA 2018 registration form,” please proceed the next step, i.e., pay your participation fee by either using a credit card or through the bank transfer(銀行振込). Note that we accept cash (Japanese Yen) only for the on-site payment.

Steps for your participation fee payment by a credit card!

APMAA 2018 accepts VISA card, Master card, JCB card, AMEX card, Diners card and DISCOVER card. Steps below are managed by Masaaki Aoki.  

1.       Please email, and request the fee payment site information, that is, the URL of the settlement page. This may be a tedious step, however, it leads to a secure payment.

2.       Aoki will send you the URL, https://*********************************.  


Explanation of the Payment Page

Transaction ID: This is your transaction ID. Please add this ID in your email when you send me an inquiry mail.
Payment amount: The amount is expressed in Japanese Yen (JPY).
The settlement amount in your account will depend on the exchange rate at the time you use your credit card.
Expiration date of the payment page (URL): The URL you received is valid only for five-days period after receipt. Note that you cannot access the URL after five-days period. If you miss the payment during this period, please ask me ( )to issue a new URL.

Click the URL you received, and move to the Payment Page (You can see the image in the PDF. Please ignore the Japanese message and read English message only). 

Image of the Payment Page

4. You will receive a confirmation mail after your payment.
5. Please
request a Letter of Invitation, if you need it, to Masao Tsuji at
6. You will get a receipt at the conference site (Waseda U.).

International Bank Transfer to WASEDA BRANCH, MIZUHO BANK, LTD!

The information shown below is required to make a remittance from an overseas bank to our Mizuho Bank account. Please note that if there are any mistakes or omissions, the remittance may not reach the bank. In addition, if the money remitted is returned to the sending bank, other charges and expenses may be deducted by the intermediary bank. When you pay by a bank transfer, please note that the actual charge of registration (Early Registration and General Registration) does not include the service charge from banks. 


Beneficiary Bank




Beneficiary Bank Address



Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code)



Payee Account Number

068 - 2402385

Name of Account Holder


Payee Address


Note that the actual participation fee does not include a bank service charge.


1. Please email Masao Tsuji ( with a proof of payment that is either a scan or photo file of a receipt/payslip or a screenshot from your online bank, clearly showing the following:
   Your details – We need to see your name and account number 
   Our details –Our account number
   Date – When the transfer was initiated
   Amount – The amount that you sent us

2. You will receive a confirmation mail after the payment.

3. Please request a Letter of Invitation, if you need it, to Masao Tsuji at
4. You will get a receipt at the conference site (Waseda U.).


Information for the Domestic Bank Transfer(銀行振込)

みずほ銀行早稲田支店 普通預金 口座番号 068 - 2402385

     法人等の参加者によるお問い合わせは、辻 正雄 早稲田大学名誉教授 までお願い致します。

Notification to the Accepted-paper Authors
At least one of the authors should register (pay the participation fee) for the conference before September 15th, 2018, and attend as well as present the paper in the conference. Note that your registration does not complete until finishing the conference-fee payment,

Important Dates for Authors :
Paper Submission Deadline: July 10, 2018
Paper Acceptance Notification: by September 1, 2018
Conference Registration and Fee Payment Deadline: September 15, 2018
Proceedings Paper Submission Deadline: September 15, 2018

Note that the organizer has no plan to extend the due dates described above.