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  APMAA 2018 Conference in Tokyo (official site)

October 29th (Monday) – November 1st (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (

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     Updated on September 30, 2018

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@@@Welcome Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors      

The preparation for the 2018 Conference of the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA) has been progressing very well.  I would like to introduce you to the array of events planned for the APMAA 2018 Conference.  

In the morning of October 29, we hold the 2018 Board of Directors Meeting. We estimate that more than 60 people will attend, including 30 invited overseas observers. This makes the largest number of attendees in the APMAA board meeting history. In the afternoon, we hold an Executive Meeting for the first time, where we will deliberate on the medium-term APMAA governance structure, the relation of the Asia-Pacific Management Journal with APMAA, and other strategic matters.  The 2018 Doctoral Colloquium will be held in the afternoon of October 29.  The doctoral seminar this year is gHow to go through an Accounting Doctoral Program: Tips from Supervisors.h  Seminar panelists are incumbent supervisors who are tackling issues and problems that doctoral students have to face, and will provide answers based on their rich experiences. 

On October 30, a special session, called gStage of Management Accounting Evolution in Asia Pacific (SMAE), will be held by the SMAE Collaborative Research Team, with three parallel sessions, in the morning. The CFO/ Controller Symposium will be held in the afternoon by inviting CFOs and controllers of the largest Japanese multinational enterprises. Each speaker will address the important issues and problems faced today. Attendees may obtain entirely new ways of thinking about an existing subject or come away with something completely new.

 On October 31, we will devote the whole day to parallel sessions where heated but friendly discussions are expected at each room. International participants are invited to a one-day bus tour (Factory and Culture Visit) on November 1. 

The APMAA 2018 Homepage provides the latest information about APMAA 2018. Please join the APMAA community and enjoy this yearfs conference in Japan. I look forward to seeing you soon in Tokyo.

 July 1, 2018

 Susumu Ueno,Chair of the APMAA Board of Directors




@@@@@Welcome Message from the APMAA 2018 Chair

    The 14th Conference of Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA 2018) is held at Waseda Campus of Waseda from October 29 to November 1. The conference is jointly organized by Waseda University, APMAA Japan and APMAA.On behalf of the APMAA 2018 Conference Organizing Committee, I would like to thank the APMAA Board of Directors for providing us the opportunity to host the 2018

conference at Waseda University.


    The purpose of this conference is to enhance the understanding of current management accounting issues in various countries and create useful theories and methods to close the gaps between practitioners and academicians in management accounting. We think that management accounting must be inextricably tied to the actual organizational situations and environment that it is intended to serve. Therefore, there is necessity for  more research which aims to enhance our understanding of the various practices being implemented all over the world. We believe that this is the tradition and identity of APMAA.


     The theme of APMAA 2018 is gThe Forefront of Management Accounting:  Research and Practicesh (a tentative theme).  APMAA 2018 program will contain two or three plenary and panel sessions, parallel sessions, and cultural visit. Following like the previous conferences, we plan to invite excellent scholars, professionals, CEOs and/or CFOs to these sessions. APMAA 2018 launches special sessions designed by APMAA members to discuss specific issues and practices of management accounting (See Special Session/ Workshop Call for Proposals).


     The conference venue is International Conference Center of the Waseda University and Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo located in the main campus of the University. Besides Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo, we plan to arrange with several reasonable and suitable hotels near the campus. Fortunately, Waseda University and many other several accounting institutions and firms will support the APMAA 2018.


    I hope that a variety of events in APMAA 2018 will provide you with good opportunities to present your research outcomes and get the latest insights in many areas of research in management accounting. I am convinced that interactive activities with the participants from different parts of the globe will promote international exchange and deepen our friendship. Please prepare now for your participation of this important conference.


    We look forward to seeing you at Waseda University in Tokyo.



APMAA 2018 Tokyo Conference Chair



@@@@@@@@@APMAA 2018 Conference Organizing Committee



Masao Tsuji (Chair of APMAA 2018), Professor emeritus, Waseda University

Tomoki Oshika (Co-Chair of APMAA 2018),  Professor, Waseda University

Masaaki Aoki (Co-Chair of APMAA 2018: Parallel session program, CMT) Professor, Tohoku University

Shoichiro Hosomi (Chair of 2018 Doctoral Colloquium) Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University


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Thank-you to our very generous donors and supporters. Their
donations make a crucial difference to APMAA 2018.  audiences. 

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Japan Accounting Association and Japanese Association of Management Accounting

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KPMG AZSA LLC,  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC,  Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, BDO Sanyu & Co.,  and  PKF Hibiki Audit Corporation,

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SeishinShisei & Co.

² Institute: The Institute of Internal Auditors, Japan

²      APMAA2018 Conference is sponsored by IMA.
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