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Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association

 2020 (16th) Annual Conference 

Universiti Teknologi MARA, MALAYSIA

Conference Date: 25th – 28th November 2020



 Message from the 2020 (16th Anniversary) Annual Conference Chair



It is an honour to be appointed again as the organisating committee for APMAA 16th annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia will be the host for this conference. This is our third time hosting similar conference. We hosted both the 2004 and 2011 (7th) APMAA conferences. Since this is our third APMAA conference, we are excited, looking forward and trying our level best to have a more memorable event to all participants.


The main theme of the conference will be gStaying Relevant: Management Accounting in the Era of Industry 4.0h. However, any papers management accounting and finance related are welcomed. Papers can include those theoretical, teaching-based or practice-oriented.


Industry 4.0 revolution that has witnessed an explosion of new technology will change every aspect of how we live, work and interact. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, robotics, artificial intelligence and automation will affect how we get things done and businesses work. IoT revolves around different devices and connected to the Internet which able communication with one another. This allows businesses to respond faster to developing situations as sensors ability to collect data that can be used by manufacturers and producers. Huge sets of data able to produce insights that can be acted upon quickly. These are possible with the advancements in big and powerful analytics for data.  


Changes brought forth by Industry 4.0 will lead to a complex world that impact the business world and financial side of businesses. Commerce continues its exponential discovery into new frontiers. Economies are no longer based primarily on the provision of specific products and services but often exchange for consumer data and valuable behavioural analytics. The rising complexities and uncertainties in todayfs world, it is crucial for organisations to prepare and adapt to a fast-evolving environment in the future by managing disruptions and identifying opportunities.


Hence, current management accountants are challenged by dynamic changes to forecasts, robustness of budgeting and planning process. Current management accountants are posted questions on no longer about ewhat happenedf or ewhat will happenf but about ewhy things happenedf. Therefore, tomorrowfs management accountants should rise above the professionfs historical competencies and stereotypes to be true business partners. They are expected to possess the ability to bridge what the business wants with the underlying customer and enterprise data stored by their organisations. Management accountants and their employers need to understand the knowledge requirements and assess the skills needed for both current and desired roles. This includes the need for objectivity, integrity, ethical behavior and commitment to continuously acquiring new skills and knowledge. This will ensure the relevancy of the profession and become the future-proofed management accountants.


The tentative dates and venue for APMAA 16th annual conference will be 25th to 28th Nov 2020 and at University Teknologi MARA (UiTM), respetively. We hope the APMAA 2020 conference will be an opportunity for you to have a continuous productive and an unforgettable experience in Malaysia. We are looking forward to seeing you in November 2020.


We are in the midst of forming the organizing committees and getting sponsorship from organisations. We are so pleased to learn that many academicians from other universities are delighted to be part of the APMAA 16th annual conference. Hence, this in not just UiTMfs, but it is one of Malaysianfs international event !!.


Professor Datin Dr Suzana Sulaiman

Chair of APMAA Malaysia 2020 Conference
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)





·         Chair: Professor Datin Dr Suzana Sulaiman, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Professor Dr Che Ruhana Isa, University of Malaya, Malaysia

·         Professor Dr Nik Nazli Nik Ahmad, International Islamic University Malaysia

·         Professor Dr Foong Soon Yau, Putra University, Malaysia.

·         Associate Professor Dr Aliza Ramli, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Associate Professor Dr Sofiah Md Auzair, National University, Malaysia

·         Associate Professor Dr Zaini Ahmad, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Associate Professor Sharifah Fadzlon, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Associate Professor Mohd Johari Mohd Alwi, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Dr Tuan Zainun Tuan Mat, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Dr Zarinah Abdul Rasit, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Dr Zubir Azhar, University Science Malaysia

·         Dr Adibah Jamaluddin, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Dr Norlaila Md Zin, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Dr Eley Suzana Kasim, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Zairul Nurshazana Zainuddin, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Indarawati Tarmuji, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Nurulhuda Abd Rahman, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Nooraslinda Abdul Aris, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Muhamad Ridzuan Bin Hashim, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

·         Nazreen binti Sahol Hamid, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia



The main theme of the conference will be gStaying Relevant: Management Accounting in the Era of Industry 4.0h. Manuscripts covering any topical area of management accounting and finance will also be welcomed. They can be theoretical, teaching-based or practice-oriented. The potential scope of the APMAA 2020 conference will be as follows:


Strategic Management Accounting

Performance Measurement

Management Accounting Education

Business Ethics and Internal Control

Islamic Accounting and Islamic Finance

Financial Market and Economic Growth

Environmental Management Accounting and Sustainability

Management Accounting and Organizational Change

Integrated Reporting






Keynote Speakers/ Forum / Discussion 

Tentatively we will have 2 keynote speakers, 3 forum panelists (international academic scholars/ CFOs/CEOs/Professional Bodies/ Malaysia Central Bank/ Malaysia Financial Center/ Big 4/ Bursa Malaysia/ Ministry of Finance).


Keynote Address: MA Direction in the Era of Industry 4.0: Whatfs to offer?

Keynote Speaker 1:  CEO from Government Linked Company (GLC)

Keynote Speaker 2:  CEO from Government Linked Company (GLC)


Discussion: Direction of MA from Researchersf Perspectives

Panel 1:  CIMA UK Representative

Panel 2:  16th APMAA Chair

Panel 3:  Management Accounting Researcher


Forum: Are Management Accountants Future Proofed? From Practitionersf Perspectives

Panel 1:  Ministry of Financefs Representative

Panel 2:  Global playerfs representative

Panel 3:  SME Representative


Doctoral Colloquium


The main objective of the APMAA 2020 Doctoral Colloquium is to offer an opportunity for PhD students to receive high-quality feedback from external reviewers and to directly interact with peers, exchange ideas, discuss concepts, and establish (in) formal cooperation with various research groups. Doctoral students and candidates at all stages are welcome to submit a thesis position paper, but preference will be given to students in the earlier stages of their doctoral work. Participants will be expected to give short and informal presentations of their work during the Colloquium, to be followed by a panel-like discussion. The Doctoral Colloquium will be held in conjunction with the APMAA 2020 Conference. Doctoral students and candidates are hereby invited to present and discuss their preliminary results or work-in-progress. The discussants comprise of a group of international professors.


In addition, the potential colloquium will offer 3 workshops for PhD students

 • Session 1: Qualitative research methods for business students (TBA)

• Session 2: Quantitative research methods for business students (TBA)

• Session 3: Current topics in Accounting and Finance (TBA)


 Potential Important Dates

 • Registration and manuscripts submission opens: 15th March, 2020

• Deadline for manuscripts submission: 15th July, 2020

• Notification about acceptance/rejection of manuscripts: 15th September, 2020

• Conferencefs program ready: 15th October 2020

• Conferencefs Date: 25th – 28th November 2020