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January 3, 2024. APMAA 2024
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November 13, 2023, APMAA 2023
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APMAA's  Journey Uploaded on November 13, 2023   
             History of APMAA  Edited on December 30. 2022              

            2024 New Year Greetings from the APMAA Chairperson



   Susumu Ueno,

   Professor Emeritus, Konan University, Japan



Happy New Year to our vibrant APMAA community! May this year foster greater unity in knowledge, collaboration, and success.


As we embark on a new year, an exciting opportunity beckons! APMAA invites all members to propose ideas for a dynamic and impactful 2024.


Mark your calendars for APMAA 2024: a vibrant October 28-31 conference at the University of Economics & Business, Vietnam National University-Hanoi (VNU-UEB). This esteemed institution, VNU, founded in 1906 and boasting unique government collaboration, will provide the perfect backdrop for our shared knowledge exchange.


Your creativity is invaluable! We encourage you to propose engaging forums, seminars, and other events for APMAA 2024. Share this call with your colleagues.


Beyond the conference, even more awaits! Consider hosting webinars and seminars within your chapters. The APMAA platform and branding are here to support you, helping you attract renowned speakers and a global audience. I'm thrilled to announce the first webinar proposal, led by Dr. Farhana Begum from the Bangladesh Chapter – a testament to her chapter's initiative!

Your contributions are the cornerstone of APMAA's success
. From shaping conference events to webinars and collaborative initiatives, your engagement will define our 2024 journey. Submit your chapter proposals, and let's work together to make this year a testament to pioneering achievements and enduring partnerships. 

Thank you! Together, we'll make 2024 an unforgettable year for APMAA.


January 1, 2024