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    Undated on August 20, 2022



APMAA NEWS No.36: September 5, 2021 (Membership)

Membership Categories

APMAA is an open network. It has two membership categories, as below:
Professors, Lecturers, CMA, CPA, Tax accountant, Financial analyst, etc.
   Associate Member: Doctoral Students
Membership Fee

APMAA has adopted a Membership System whereby APMAA conference participants pay a registration fee,  including a one-year membership fee. In other words, APMAA  receives a membership fee, in principle, as a part of an annual conference registration fee. The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination. We will issue a member certificate in PDF format
if requested.  

Membership Fee for the Calendar Year 2022      

 For both the Member and  the Associate member  (Ph.D. student)

10 USD

-For the calendar year 2022, the annual fee of the membership and the associate membership is USD 10, respectively. This annual membership fee covers January 1 to December 31, 2022. The membership fee is not refundable.


-To pay the fee, please visit Membership Fee & APMAA 2022 Participation Fee – apmaa 2022 , even if you do not participate in the APMAA 2022. The payment site is open between August 15 and November 12, 2022.


(1) If you do not attend the APMAA 2022, please fill out the 2022 membership and registration form ( on Membership Fee & APMAA 2022 Participation Fee – apmaa2022 and pay the 2022 membership fee. You can pay the fee by either PayPal (credit card) or bank transfer.


 (2) If you attend the APMAA 2022, firstly, please fill out the 2022 membership and registration form ( on Membership Fee & APMAA 2022 Participation Fee – apmaa2022 and then pay your "2022 membership and conference participation fees." The "2022 membership fee" and "APMAA 2022 participation fee" are not refundable. You can either use PayPal (credit card) or bank transfer.


-If you are considering serving as a 2023 administration team member (director applicant), please pay your 2022 membership fee before September 15, 2021. If a 2022 board member fails to pay the 2022 membership fee before September 15, 2021, his/her position will be evoked.


Are you interested in becoming an APMAA member? How to apply!

To become an APMAA member, please participate in an annual conference and pay the annual membership fee.

To receive the APMAA Newsletter and Call for Papers, please send your e-mail address to both the Regional Chaper and the APMAA Head Office ( with your very brief profile. We will enter your data in our directory and notify you of APMAA events.


                       Regional Chapters (Prospective chapter servants: To be assigned)

The main tasks of a chapter are (1) Expanding the membership platform, (2) Building the APMAA brand, (3) Organizing workshops, (4) Searching future conference venues, and (4) Distributing APMAA documents. We welcome you to a new 2022 servant who voluntarily shares the chapter tasks described above with passion and a sense of responsibility.

Membership of the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (
      2022 APMAA Chapter servants  on January 1, 2022   (tentative and provisional) 

Regional Chapters

APMAA Head Office 

Susumu Ueno (, Japan
Normah Omar (, Malaysia


Susumu Ueno (
Shoichiro Hosomi (
Masumi Nakashima (
Fumiko Takeda  (
Yuij Mori (
Kohsuke Matsuoka (
Jaewook Kim (

APMAA Malaysia, South & Southeast Asia

Normah Omar (, Malaysia
Suzana Sulaiman (, Malaysia
Nam Sang Cheng (, Singapore
Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman (,Malaysia
Tuan Mat, Tuan Zainun ( Malaysia

APMAA Thailand

Nitirojntanad Kanibhatti (
Terdpaopong Kanitsorn (
Pattanant Petchchedchoo (
Siridech Kumsuprom (
Leela Tiangsoongnern (
Rachata Khumboon (
Phoommhiphat Pongpruttikul (


Gaoliang Tian (
Baolei Qi ( 
Xing Li (

APMAA Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy (
Nguyen Thi Huong Lien ( 
Chi Phuong Bui (

APMAA Indonesia

Mimba, Ni Putu Sri Harta (
Sekar Mayangsari (
Grahita Chandrarin (

APMAA Taiwan

Hsuan-Lien Chu (
Tsay, Yang-Tzong (
Bi-Huei Tsai (

APMAA Middle East and Africa

Elgammal Mohammed (
Ousama Anam,, Qatar University, Qatar

APMAA Europe

Wnuk-Pel Tomasz (, Poland
Jan Kurt Alpenberg (, Sweden
Gregory Wegmann (, France
Robert C. Rickards (, Germany
Żaneta Pietrzak (, Poland

APMAA America

Paul Scarbrough (, Canada

APMAA Oceania

Michael Tse (, Australia
Bulend Terzioglu (, Australia

APMAA Bangladesh

We hope we can organize this chapter in 2022 or 2023.